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WOOD BUFFALO PAVING recognizes the need for Paving Excellence in Fort McMurray Alberta. Our staff and crew provide clients with a specialized range of contracting services for every construction project. Whether you’re looking to REFRESH, MAINTAIN or INSTALL new asphalt, We are happy to help you deliver the results you seek. Contact our friendly staff today and receive a free estimate.

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Asphalt Paving & Resurfacing


Do you need your driveway paved or do you have a driveway that is failing? Let us help you find out what caused the problem before you repair or replace it. Was it tree roots, failed sub-grade, poor drainage, incorrect installation or poor design or has your driveway died from old age? Different soils and traffic loads call for different designs. Poor drainage whether it is standing water or sub-surface moisture is a major source of driveway failure. Perhaps you just want a new look! Give us a call or e-mail to discuss your driveway needs or to set up an appointment.

WOOD BUFFALO PAVING stands behind our new driveway installations with a 12-month warranty. We provide a strong gravel base with no less then twelve inches of compacted gravel, complimented with a full three inches of compacted asphalt.


We also pave and resurfacing parking lots. We can handle large commercial asphalt paving jobs from strip malls to major distribution centers. For parking lots; traffic flow and weight distribution are considered to ensure proper design and depth of base as well as the thickness of asphalt surface coat.


WOOD BUFFALO PAVING has the ability to bid any size municipal/commercial project. We have the resources to complete the entire project in house which gives us an edge over the competition. With each project, comes different specifications and designs which can be met and executed by our asphalt division.


Asphalt resurfacing is a way to increase driveway longevity and curb appeal by installing a two-inch surface coat of hot mix asphalt overtop of your existing driveway. This is completed by first applying tac coat (essentially a bonding agent) to your existing driveway. Then all low areas are filled, this is called a level course. We then apply a two-inch surface coat over the entire driveway giving it that new paved look. This is a more affordable solution than removing the existing driveway and repaving. But resurfacing only works in certain instance, if the driveway is too deteriorated and has movement in the base, then the only option would be to remove the existing driveway, fix any base issues and re install a new driveway.


The final driving surface is only as good as the foundation it sits on. For asphalt to run its full lifespan and hold up for years to come, it requires a suitable base. We offer complete services for new construction and site preparation to ensure that the sub-base is sound and meets design requirements.

Services can include: engineering and design services, soil stabilization, water and storm drainage and underground pipe repair to name a few. We can grade your site, place a stabilized sub-base, and handle pipe installation and repair as necessary to prepare your lot for its new asphalt surface. If you are thinking of expanding parking areas or need grading services, we can meet your needs.

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